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This test uses audio files as part of the listening section so users must ensure the audio on their device is functional before taking the test.

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Category: Vocabulary

1. The launch was planned for 2003 _____________.

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Category: Vocabulary

2. Oil is set to run out soon if we continue to ____________ it at the current rate.

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Category: Vocabulary

3. Which of the following words is a synonym for "false"?

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Category: Vocabulary

4. Companies often shift production to regions with lower labour costs in order to remain ____________ .

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Category: Vocabulary

5. Which of the following is a high-rise building?

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Category: Vocabulary

6. More resources are needed to maintain a large aged population with an acceptable _________ of life.

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Category: Vocabulary

7. Which of the following types of language is NOT suitable in academic writing?

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Category: Vocabulary

8. Which of the following adverbs is the most informal?

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Category: Vocabulary

9. Ur was ___________________located close to the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

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Category: Vocabulary

10. Are you _________ to any brands, that is, do you always tend to buy that particular brand?

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Category: Vocabulary

11. It remains _______________ whether society is under threat from the refugee crisis.

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Category: Vocabulary

12. Which of the following words is the odd one out?

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Category: Vocabulary

13. Could you ___________ on whether people will change their attitudes towards borrowing money?

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Category: Vocabulary

14. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Which of the following terms does this sentence exemplify?

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Category: Vocabulary

15. Europe has witnessed an increasing demand for organically grown agricultural ____________ for the last decade.

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Category: Vocabulary

16. I’m sorry to bring this __________, but I thought you’d offered to pay for this dinner.

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Category: Vocabulary

17. Which of these words for an expert in their field is the most formal?

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Category: Vocabulary

18. Last year's winter was _________ cold and snowfall was frequent.

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Category: Vocabulary

19. Which of the following words is a long channel of water that is man made?

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Category: Vocabulary

20. A ridge of sand formed by the wind, especially found on the coast or in a desert.

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Category: Vocabulary

21. Some researchers refuse to believe that the impact of the meteorite _____________ for the end of the dinosaurs.

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Category: Vocabulary

22. What do you call someone who makes sure they achieve what they set out to do, without giving up?

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Category: Vocabulary

23. My dissertation supervisor asked me to expand on the introduction of my paper but in my view that would be complete ______________

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Category: Vocabulary

24. "The match was _________ live on a leading sports channel." Which of the following words DOES NOT fit in the gap?

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Category: Vocabulary

25. The university is going to _________________ a coach from the airport to the conference venue.

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Category: Grammar

26. They _______________________ be at a lecture because all lectures have been cancelled today.

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Category: Grammar

27. _________________________ we observed students in the lab on almost 100 separate occasions.

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Category: Grammar

28. ______________ sequoia tree is native to California.

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Category: Grammar

29. As is usually the case with emigrants, __________ who went away were the most active and ambitious.

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Category: Grammar

30. For _____________ who are not healthy enough to work until 65 , it would be best to retire.

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Category: Grammar

31. After we had ________ the screenplay twice, the director was pleased with it.

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Category: Grammar

32. Complete the sentence with the correct passive form of the verb "investigate". "The methods used in the research seem rather questionable and may need ________________ further."

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Category: Grammar

33. Complete the sentence with the verb "propose" in the correct form. "The theory _________________ by Hawking has answered some age-old questions."

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Category: Grammar

34. ________ claim there should be no government restrictions but others disagree.

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Category: Grammar

35. "Sheila ought to spend more time studying and less time on social media." Which of the following options does the "ought to" in this sentence express?

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Category: Grammar

36. Although it is first described as a county in 1065, its southern boundaries at, before and ______________ are uncertain.

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Category: Grammar

37. Complete the sentence with the verb "move" in the correct form. Earthquakes are caused by tectonic plates ________________________ against each other.

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Category: Grammar

38. I predict I will receive a 17% raise if I move, ______________ if I stay in my current position, it will take me three more years to make that much.

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Category: Grammar

39. Researchers visited the Great Upper Nile region ___________________ they could study an endangered languages still spoken there.

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Category: Grammar

40. Complete the sentence with the verb "risk" in the correct form. "If you spend too long getting ready you _____________ being late for the lecture."

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Category: Grammar

41. Complete the sentence with the verb "enable" in the correct form. "The success of the experiment _____________ the student to complete her assignment."

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Category: Grammar

42. Complete the sentence using the correct passive form of the verb "see". "The plastic bag often seems _______________ as a symbol of an unsustainable way of life."

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Category: Grammar

43. My research involves __________ some very complicated calculations.

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Category: Grammar

44. Combined efforts by the government and the individuals ____________ could make it possible for the entire population to become computer literate.

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Category: Grammar

45. Measuring someone’s personality allows _______ to predict how healthy they are likely to be.

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Category: Grammar

46. "... the nuclear family – that is, _________ consisting of a husband, a wife and children."

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Category: Grammar

47. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. (1) It would be possible to persuade the government to impose a more ambitious target. (2) The government ........... to impose this more ambitious target.

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Category: Grammar

48. We'll be looking at the three main causes of social change around the world, and we'll have one or two examples of _______________.

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Category: Grammar

49. In contrast, 70% of males were awarded a postgraduate diploma, ___________ was more than twice the number of females.

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Category: Grammar

50. ______________ the monkeys and birds are different species, the monkeys can understand the birds’ warnings.

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Category: Listening

51. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

What possible objection to a roof garden is discussed?

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Category: Listening

52. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

The holiday insurance that is offered _________

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Category: Listening

53. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Dr Holman has samples from every __________

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Category: Listening

54. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

How long will The Cube take to build?

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Category: Listening

55. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

What time does Laura's lecture end?

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Category: Listening

56. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Shuttle departure time:

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Category: Listening

57. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

What time does the TGV train leave Paris?

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Category: Listening

58. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Which organised activity can children do every day of the week?

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Category: Listening

59. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

According to J. Williams, the system is useful because it can make observations during a ____________

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Category: Listening

60. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Margaret thinks that managers should _________

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Category: Listening

61. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Which aspect of roof garden design is mentioned?

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Category: Listening

62. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

US East Coast display: grains from the south coast are small, light-coloured and _______ in shape.

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Category: Listening

63. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Cost of a return bus ticket to Milton:

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Category: Listening

64. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Customers who recommend Sunny Days Camping to friends will receive _________

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Category: Listening

65. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

What does the speaker say about the barbecues?

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Category: Listening

66. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

What did the speaker most like about the orientation week?

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Category: Listening

67. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Margaret thinks that employers should encourage staff members who are __________

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Category: Listening

68. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Margaret believes employers should look for job applicants who _________

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Category: Listening

69. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Passenger surname:

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Category: Listening

70. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

The research is vital for the understanding of ___________

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Category: Listening

71. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

What does the speaker say about older universities?

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Category: Listening

72. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Margaret suggests that managers may find it difficult to _________

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Category: Listening

73. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Sunny days Camping has been organising holidays for _____________

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Category: Listening

74. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

Distance from airport to St Thomas:

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Category: Listening

75. Listen to the following audio to answer the question.

The company has most camping sites in _________

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Category: Reading

76. Read the following text to answer the question.

By the time he came to write the string quartets referred to as Opus 76 and Opus 77, Haydn was undoubtedly the most famous living composer in all of Europe. He had recently returned from a highly successful second visit to England, for which he had composed his last six symphonies, culminating in the brilliant and festive Drum Roll Symphony (No. 103) and London Symphony (No, 104). This is public music, full of high spirits, expansive gestures and orchestral surprises. Haydn knew how to please the audience. In 1796, following his return to Vienna, he began work on his largest and most famous work, “The Creation”.

Haydn wrote the Drum Roll Symphony and London Symphony in England.

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Category: Reading

77. Read the following text to answer the question.

The Falkirk Wheel in Scotland was the first rotating boat lift in the world. Opened in 2002, it was central to the ambitious £84.5m Millennium Link project to restore navigability across Scotland by reconnecting the historic waterways of the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals. The major challenge of the project laid in the fact that the Forth & Clyde Canal is positioned 35 metres below the level of the Union Canal.

The Falkirk Wheel has linked the Forth & Clyde Canal with the Union Canal for the first time in their history.

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Category: Reading

78. Read the following text to answer the question.

A decade ago, in one of the most intriguing and in equal parts disturbing experiments in behavioural psychology, S. Milgram of Yale University tested dozens of subjects from all walks of life for their willingness to obey instructions given by a ‘leader’ in a situation in which they might feel a personal distaste for the actions they were called upon to perform. Specifically, Milgram told each volunteer that the experiment was in the name of a noble cause, and was designed to test whether or not punishing pupils for their wrongdoings would have a positive effect on the pupils' educational attainment.

Several of the subjects were psychology graduates from Yale University.

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Category: Reading

79. Read the following text to answer the question.

There are a number of settlements across East Anglia with names containing the word ‘tye’. The word is Anglo-Saxon in origin, and the Oxford English Dictionary quotes the earliest usage of the term as dating from 832. Essentially a ‘tye’ was a green or a small area of open common land, usually situated away from the main village or settlement, often at the junction of two or more routes. Locals and passing travellers had the right to pasture their horses, pigs and other farm animals on the tye.

A tye was __________________

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Category: Reading

80. Read the following text to answer the question.

People romanticise writing as a profession. They think that it is just about sitting down and churning out words on a page, or more likely these days, on a computer screen. If only it were so! In fact, being a writer is about managing a spectrum of contradictory and conflicting emotions: elation, despair, hope, frustration, satisfaction, and depression! Furthermore, it also involves carrying out meticulous research: first to establish whether there is a market for the planned publication, and second into the actual content of the book. Sometimes, however, instinct takes the place of market research and the contents are dictated not by planning and exhaustive research but by experience and knowledge.

In the planning stages of a book, ______________________________________

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Category: Reading

81. Read the following text to answer the question.

And the future? It is anticipated that, in some years to come, leisure spending will account for between a third to a half of all household expenditure. Whilst it is difficult to give exact figures, it is clear that the leisure industry will certainly experience a long period of sustained growth. Notably, working hours are not expected to decrease. This is because more people will be needed to keep leisure services running.

In the future, people will pay less for leisure facilities than they do today.

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Category: Reading

82. Read the following text to answer the question.

Even further to the east is the Giant’s Causeway stunning coastline with strangely symmetrical columns of dark basalt – a beautiful geological wonder. Samuel L. Johnson, an 18th century writer, famously once said of the Causeway that it was worth seeing, but not worth going to see. That was in the days of horses and carriages when travelling was difficult. But it is certainly well worth a visit. The last lingering moments of the twilight hours are the best time to savour the full power of the coastline’s magic; the time when the place comes into its own.

The writer believes that the Giant’s Causeway is worth going to visit.

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Category: Reading

83. Read the following text to answer the question.

On Ulithi Atoll in the western Pacific region, women have a clear role and defined rights in the community distribution of fish catches. This is because the mahogany logs from nearby Yap Island used in making the fishing canoes are obtained through the exchange of cloth made by the women of Ulithi. Small-scale reef fisheries also support the involvement of local businesswomen and their involvement can give them greater control over their household income, and in negotiating for loans or credit. Thus their role is not only important in providing income for their families, it also underpins the economy of the local village.

Boats for use by the inhabitants of Ulithi are constructed on Yap Island.

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Category: Reading

84. Read the following text to answer the question.

It is unlikely, at least in Europe, that propaganda will ever be accepted as a neutral concept. The very word is so loaded with sinister connotations that it evokes an immediate and visceral sense of outrage in much of the population. For the use of propaganda reached its apex in the machinery of Hitler’s Third Reich. It is therefore unsurprising that liberal governments and politicians are liable to perform the most extreme acrobatic manouveres in their efforts to avoid the dreaded “p” word being applied to any of their activities. They have developed impressive lexicons of euphemisms and doublespeak to distance themselves from any taint of it, real or imagined.

Politicians in Europe ________________________

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Category: Reading

85. Read the following text to answer the question.

A raft of forecasts were made two decades ago, predicting a decline in the number of working hours coupled with a consequent increase in leisure time. It was estimated that the leisure revolution would take place by the turn of the last century with hours devoted to work predicted to fall to an average of 25 per week. While this reduction failed to materialise, the revolution has, nonetheless, arrived.

At the turn of the last century, weekly working hours dropped to 25.

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Category: Reading

86. Read the following text to answer the question.

Perfumes and fragrant spices were precious commodities in antiquity. They were very much in demand, and at times even exceeded silver and gold in value. Therefore they were considered to be luxury products, used mainly in the temples and in the homes of the nobility and upper classes.

Since perfumes and spices were luxury products, their use was exclusive to the noble and the wealthy.

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Category: Reading

87. Read the following text to answer the question.

No past eruptions have shown us the true extent of the damage which volcanoes can do. Yellowstone National Park in the USA occupies the caldera of an ancient volcano of extraordinary magnitude. Modern surveys show that its centre is rising. At some point in the next 200 million years, Yellowstone could erupt again, and if it does, the whole world will be transformed. Yellowstone could erupt tomorrow. But there’s a very good chance that it will give us another million years.

An eruption of Yellowstone is likely to be more destructive than previous volcanic eruptions.

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Category: Reading

88. Read the following text to answer the question.

There is clearly no denying that meteorologists are still at a very early stage in understanding weather. The effects of variables such as rainfall, cloud formation, the seas and oceans, gases, including methane and ozone, or even solar energy use are still not really understood. Therefore it must be stressed that the predictions being made today cannot be completely relied on.

Our understanding of the weather ________________________

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Category: Reading

89. Read the following text to answer the question.

A rope bridge connects the mainland with an outcrop of rock jutting out of the turbulent ocean. When it was first constructed, the bridge was merely a simple rope handrail with widely spaced slats and was mainly used by salmon fishermen who needed to travel from the island to the mainland. In time, it was replaced with a more sturdy caged bridge. However, it is still not a crossing for the faint-hearted. The bridge swings above a chasm of rushing, foaming water. Many visitors who make the walk one way find themselves unable to return and end up being taken off the island by boat.

The more sturdy cage added to rope bridge has helped to increase the number of visitors to the area.

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Category: Reading

90. Read the following text to answer the question.

If things turn out well for a long time, there is a further concern: that of constantly waiting for something to go wrong. People then find themselves appeasing the gods: not walking on lines on the pavements, performing rituals before public performances, wearing particular clothes and colours so that they can blame the ritual not themselves when things go wrong,

People perform certain rituals to try to avoid failure.

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Category: Reading

91. Read the following text to answer the question.

Drs B. Sellers and P. Manning from the University of Manchester have created a computer model which works with digitized dinosaur skeletons and the locations of known muscles. The model then randomly activates the muscles. This, perhaps unsurprisingly, almost always results in the animal falling flat on its face. So the computer alters the activation pattern and tries again. If there is any improvement, the old pattern is discarded and the new one is adopted as a base. Eventually, the muscle activation pattern evolves to a stable way of movement and the dinosaur can walk, run, chase or graze. Assuming natural selection evolves the best possible solution too, the modeled animal should move in a manner similar to its now-extinct counterpart. Indeed, using the same method for living animals, including humans, emu and ostriches, similar top speeds were achieved on the computer as in reality.

When the Sellers & Manning model was used for people, it showed them moving quicker than they are physically able to.

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Category: Reading

92. Read the following text to answer the question.

We crave for and are fed a daily diet of fear. Horror films and disaster movies have an increasing appeal. Nostradamus pops his head up now and again, And other would-be prophets make a brief appearance, predicting the demise of humanity. Perhaps this is all just a vestige of the hardships of early man – our attempt to recreate the struggles of a past age, as life becomes ever more comfortable.

The writer believes that Nostradamus and other prophets are right about their predictions for the end of humankind.

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Category: Reading

93. Read the following text to answer the question.

Increasingly, buildings such as offices, schools, colleges or hospitals which used to allow free access to employees and other users now do not. This is because they are situated in urban areas suffering from escalating crime, Entry areas are now manned by security staff. Receptionists, whose task it once was to receive visitors and to make them welcome before passing them on to the person they had come to see,are now tasked with barring entry to the unauthorised, the unwanted or the plain unappealing.

Access to many buildings ___________________

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Category: Reading

94. Read the following text to answer the question.

If we look at the much reported rise in global temperatures over the last century, a closer analysis reveals that the lion’s share of that increase, almost three quarters in total, occurred before mankind began to “poison” the world with industrial processes and their accompanying greenhouse gas emissions in the second half of the twentieth century.

Most of the increase in global temperature took place in the latter half of the twentieth century.

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Category: Reading

95. Read the following text to answer the question.

Day after day we hear about how unstoppable anthropogenic development is causing global warming. According to an increasingly vocal minority, however, we should be asking ourselves how much of this is media hype and, how much is based on real evidence. It seems, as so often is the case, that it depends on which expert you listen to and on how you chew the statistics.

The author ________________________

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Category: Reading

96. Read the following text to answer the question.

Planning an eco-friendly holiday can be a minefield for the well-meaning traveller, says Mark Watson. If there were awards for tourism catchwords that have been hijacked, diluted and misused then ‘ecotourism’ would surely earn first prize. The term initially surfaced in the early 1980s reflecting a surge in environmental awareness and a realisation by tour operators that many of their clients wanted to believe their presence in a foreign land would not have a negative impact. It rapidly became the hottest marketing tag a holiday abroad could carry.

The term ‘ecotourism’ has become an advertising gimmick.

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Category: Reading

97. Read the following text to answer the question.

Many Vikings did not return to Scandinavia after raiding but assimilated into local populations, often becoming Christian. To some degree, the Viking Age is defined by religion. Initially, Vikings were polytheists, believing in many gods, but by the end of the age, they had permanently accepted a new monotheistic religious system – Christianity.

Many Vikings adopted a new _____________________

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Category: Reading

98. Read the following text to answer the question.

Among the professional and managerial strata, working hours have increased and record numbers of people are in employment overall. As people work more, their appetite for leisure activities has grown to compensate for the greater stress in life. The past four years alone have seen the leisure and tourism business expand by 35% with a change in emphasis to short weekend breaks in Europe and long-haul short breaks to exotic destinations in place of longer domestic holidays.

Long domestic holidays have taken the place of long-haul short breaks.

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Category: Reading

99. Read the following text to answer the question.

Reef flats and shallow reef lagoons are accessible on foot, without the need for a boat, and so allow women, children and the elderly to engage directly in manual harvesting, or ‘reef-gleaning’. This is a significant factor distinguishing reef-based fisheries from near-shore sea fisheries. Near-shore fisheries are typically the domain of adult males, in particular where they involve the use of boats, with women and children restricted mainly to shore-based activities. However, in a coral reef fishery the physical accessibility of the reef opens up opportunities for direct participation by women, and consequently increases their independence and the importance of their role in the community.

Involvement in coral-reef-based occupations raises the status of women.

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Category: Reading

100. Read the following text to answer the question.

Dr Billingham is investigating fossilized tracks, or footprints, using computer simulations to help analyse how now-extinct animals moved. Modern-day trackers who are familiar with the habitats of wild animals can, with ease, tell you what animal made a track, whether it was walking or running, and sometimes even the sex of the animal. However, a fossil track poses a more considerable challenge to interpret in the same way. A crucial consideration is knowing what the environment upon which the animal walked was like millions of years ago when the track was made. Experiments can answer these questions but the number of variables is mind-boggling. Physically recreating each scenario with a box of mud or sediment is extremely time-consuming and difficult to repeat accurately.

An experienced tracker can analyse fossil footprints as easily as those made by live animals.

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