Who are we?

MAC International, registered in the United Kingdom under number 13656760 and accredited by the British Council, PTE, and IELTS, offers a comprehensive range of academic services. We operate under formal contracts with a variety of international educational institutions, from language institutes to colleges and universities. The company was established in March 2017 by Dr. Imad Jasim Morgan.

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Our Mission

At MAC International, we strive to enable students to achieve their educational aspirations and goals, driven by our desire to elevate the academic and scientific level in the Arab world because knowledge is the key to development and the fundamental pillar for the advancement of societies.

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Why Choose Us?

What distinguishes our company is our team of prominent university academics who oversee the company and manage the academic departments. We pride ourselves on their extensive experience, which exceeds 30 years in the field of academic consulting and admission procedures, working in universities and Saudi attachés in the United Kingdom and America.

MAC International Counselors

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Our Team

Our team consists of an elite group of distinguished Arab youth, where each member contributes their unique expertise and rich knowledge in their specialty. For more information about us, please visit the link here.

MAC International Team

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MAC International CEO


Dr Imad Morgan

Founder & CEO

Email : admin@macinter.co

Phone : +44 7525 426668

MAC International Counselors


Dr Mohammed Alahmadi

Senior Consultant

Dr Huda Morgan

Senior Consultant

Dr Malcolm Corbould

Senior Consultant

Dr Mohammed Dia

Senior Consultant

MAC International Team


Hiba Shiekh Fadli

Head of Academic Dept.

Bachelor of English Literature

Email : hf@macinter.co

Phone : +44 7731 949677


Mirna Abusamra

Head of Business Development

Diploma in Finance

Email : mab@macinter.co

Phone : +44 7731 912200

Ali H

Ali H. Ali

Senior Academic Advisor

Bachelor of Business Administration

Email : aa@macinter.co

Phone : +44 7591 328694


Ali Erbini

Academic Advisor

Bachelor of Business Administration

Email : ae@macinter.co

Phone : +44 7591 328734


Alma Alsamman

Academic Advisor

Diploma in Banking and Financial Sciences

Email : as@macinter.co

Phone : +44 7778 009341


Mariam Hallak

Academic Advisor

Bachelor in Economics, Banking & Insurance

Email : mh@macinter.co

Phone : +44 7375 393386


Omar Alraihani

Academic Advisor

Bachelor in International Business

Email : oa@macinter.co

Phone : +44 7464 335758

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